Becoming an artist and entrepreneur I feel was always my destiny. As I look back on my life now and reflect on how I got here it all starts with some of my earliest memories walking with my grandma around Michaels Craft Store and picking out an art project to create or playing business with my little sister and charging our parents to buy our drawings and rocks we found in the back yard. This was all while both of my parents are busy building and creating a local home town business. Where my mom ran the business and my dad hand made wooden carvings and furniture for them to sell. So, you could say entrepreneurship and artistry run in my blood.

Although art and creativity have always been a constant in my life, I unfortunately, didn’t realize this until I was well into my twenties and already had completed my four year degree in an unrelated field. It took alot self discovery and years of dead end retail jobs to finally take my dreams seriously and I created Kiss Me Crazy Creations in late 2021.  

I now live in sunny Phoenix Arizona with my very supportive husband and two sassy dogs. 

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